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Five groups share $300,000 in community crime-prevention funds

Indianapolis is pushing for community-based crime prevention and backing that up with money. 25 organizations applied for a cut of $300,000 in grant money. Five were chosen to receive $60,000 each: 1)  Funding for Community Action Center of Greater Indianapolis (CAGI) will assist CAGI's efforts to provide occupational training specifically in construction trades, HSE prep, and life and personal development coaching to at-risk youth. 2) Grant funding at Edna Martin Christian Center will support comprehensive case management, mentoring, and wraparound service offerings for young people and the families of young people, ages 17 to 24, who have been deemed serious violent offenders. 3) Martin Luther King Jr. Center grant funding will support the Center's creative methods for engaging with local youth.  4) Grant money will help Mothers Against Violence/Flanner House provide critical services for neighbors, including grief counseling for children who are affected by violence and a violent crime scene response effort that includes direct outreach to victims' families. 5) The Ross Foundation is receiving funding to support the B.A.S.I.C. (Building Alternative Solutions in our Community) program, which fosters community cohesiveness by equipping residents to be Community Advocates, volunteering their time to represent their neighbors, provide feedback on neighborhood issues, and assist in conflict resolution with a shared goal of reducing violence in the 42nd and Post Road area.

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