This neighborhood has taken the initiative to invest in human capital and to reclaim abandoned spaces like the Mallory campus with a vision for a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood welcoming residents and visitors alike.

Just east of downtown Indianapolis, just north of the railroad tracks, is an area centered at the intersection of East Washington and Oxford Streets. They are the doers, the innovators, the community looking to once again spark the city with their ingenuity, intellect, and uplifting spirit. Closely knit with promise and encouragement, is an area so wondrous, where anything is possible and no idea is too small. Development in this Great Place will increase the momentum of Englewood’s growing sense of community and inspiration as it looks to become an established place of sustainability and innovation.

Englewood Village: Full Strategic Plan

Englewood Village: Abbreviated Strategic Plan and Map

Livability Goals
  • Make walking, biking, and public transit the preferred option

  • Create public spaces that are unique, lively, and authentic

  • Expand existing and develop new recreation, public health, and sustainability opportunities

  • Provide crime prevention education and safety efforts

Opportunity Goals
  • Create mixed-use, walkable developments at key commercial areas

  • Promote food production as economic development

  • Effectively market existing, but hidden, industrial and commercial assets

  • Assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in local investments

  • Increase employment density and encourage larger businesses with employment opportunities to locate here in legacy industrial properties

Vitality Goals
  • Provide a variety of housing types and fi nancing mechanisms

  • Increase local control of concentrated vacant property areas

  • Retain existing residents with homeowner and rental repair funds and programs

Education Goals
  • Convene an Early Childhood Taskforce to increase high-quality early childhood education

  • Develop a local, neighborhood school and excellent K-8 education resources

  • Provide education opportunities for vulnerable youth

  • Connect adults to education and job training options in the community

  • Pursue opportunities with higher education providers and local partners


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