Nestled on the northwest outskirts of downtown Indy, bound by 25th and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. streets, lies a gem of a community. 

Rich in heritage, culture and green space. It’s also home to a main street that honors Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an icon of American history. The community is close-knit, family oriented and embedded in its history; from Flanner House to Riverside Park. King Commons is characterized by the West African Adinkra symbol Bese Sake, located in the center of the Flanner House gardens, which represents agriculture, a uence, power, abundance, plenty, togetherness and unity.

The goals of the King Commons Great Place are an outgrowth of the long-term work of the Northwest Area Quality of Life planning process, completed in 2014 by residents to build a stronger, more sustainable community for the current and future residents of the northwest area.

King Commons: Full Strategic Plan

King Commons: Abbreviated Strategic Plan and Map

Livability Goals
  • Become the hub for African American arts and culture

  • Promote resilience through community agriculture and celebrating Flanner House’s historic role in this area

  • Update Watkins Park and other public spaces based on usage and opportunity

  • Improve relationships across the neighborhood

  • Develop connectivity, enhance sustainability, and improve the pedestrian experience of streets, alleys, and other public spaces that impact the area

Opportunity Goals
  • Connect residents with a spectrum of educational and career opportunities, from tech to advanced and sustainable building trades

  • Provide financial help to nurture start-up businesses of all types, including food-based businesses, the tech industry, renewables, and skilled trades

  • Develop a mixed-use presence at 25th and MLK to be a center of community and commercial prosperity

  • Create and grow relationships with nearby institutions and local businesses

Vitality Goals
  • Increase variety of housing options and prices appealing to existing AfricanAmerican community, and former residents who’ve left in recent decades

  • Create affordable home ownership opportunities for renters programs, offering training in rehab and homesteading

  • Develop resilient and sustainable concepts for homeowners that are forward-looking and reduce energy costs

  • Promote employer incentive housing in partnership with nearby anchor institutions.

  • Boost access to existing programs and funding for home repairs and upkeep

Education Goals
  • Develop more relationships with local schools as they evolve in the area

  • Provide education opportunities and environments for children beyond the core curriculum of schools

  • Provide social support services for K-12 students that address obstacles that impede learning

  • Offer educational programs to increase job opportunities and readiness

  • Connect residents to opportunities for post-secondary education with local institutions


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